Thomas Gareth next January in Algiers

Britain to extradite a new bunch of Algerians

By A.K/ Translation A.A, El Khabar, 16 december 2008

Algeria is to be handed over a new bunch of detainees from Britain, a diplomatic source told El Khabar, adding that their names have been set during the visit paid by Bill Rammell, Britain’s Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, in charge of Middle East and North Africa Affairs, later November to Algiers. The same source said the detainees concerned with the extradition are, likely, not wanted by Algerian justice; yet they are to be subject to cross examination once arrived to Algeria, as it has been the fact with previous similar operations.

As far as the names of the extradited from Britain to Algeria, in accordance with agreements sealed between the two countries in 2006, the same source indicated that Algeria has closed down files of 10 extradited, including two who were prosecuted and sentenced after being charged of having links with terror cells abroad. He further mentioned that seven Algerian detainees are to be extradited sooner, “some of them have made an appeal, while some others have accepted the fact, and await extradition by immigration services in Britain.” On another side, the visit of Bill Rammell has paved the way to the visit of Gareth Thomas joint Minister of State for the Department for Business, mid January. He is expected to seal several economic and financial sector’s agreements, as well as following up British investments in oil sector in Algeria.

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