British shadow government home affairs ministry deceived

The court voids an Algerian accused with terrorism extradition

El Khabar, 15 mai 2007

The British court ordered yesterday the extinguishment of a legal suit lodged by the British home affairs ministry for the extradition of an Algerian indicted with terrorist toxic substances attack planning in 2005. The court considers that the 30-year old Mouloud Sehali doesn’t represent a danger for Britain national security.
Shadow government home affairs Minister Tony McNulty said the court verdict deceiving but welcomed the loss of appeals lodged by three Algerians before the supreme court of appeal which means that their extradition is very likely according to a judiciary convention between Algeria and London.
Many human rights activists led demonstrations against the extradition of the accused for human rights deterioration in their countries.
London immigration court president stated at the end of the hearing that “deliberation committee doesn’t see that Sehali presence on the British territories as a danger for the national security”, yet “Sehali illegal presence on the British territories has to be justified”.
The immigration court has released Sehali on bail and put under judiciary control according to which he has to sign every week at immigration services.

By Saber Ayoub/ Translated by N. K

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